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Its simple!  Meet with our library manager, fill out our form so we can determine your interests, contact information, etc.

Share your skills and love of reading!

We are always looking for volunteers to join our team and make a difference in your community.

  • The library accepts donations of new and gently used books, magazines & DVD's.  No textbooks please.  Donations may be added to our collection or support our annual book sale.
  • Materials can be dropped off at the library during regular hours or call us to make arrangements 780-724-3737.
  • Watch our website, poster, Facebook or local newspapers for details.
  • Annual book & garage sale
  • Spring bottle drive

Our library contributes to the mental health and spirit of our community by bringing people together.  We are committed to developing partnerships and assisting people and organizations in our community.

Your generous donation allows us to continue our good work for everyone.

Your donation makes a difference.  Thank you for your support. Contact the library for details on how to donate.